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The digital version of Hiragana Times has exactly the same content and layout as the printed magazine and can be viewed page by page on the Web. Text can be enlarged or reduced simply by clicking on the screen. It’s possible to reproduce Hiragana Times by printing the magazine out on a printer.


 “Multilevel Text” Features of our Digital Version


  • You can view pages in “Japanese-only text” (with no English, no furigana, nor Glomaji text).


  • You can hear an audio version of “Close up Japan,” “Behind the Scenes,” “Casual Expressions,” “New Expressions & Buzzwords,” “JAPANese Notes,” and “Exploring JAPANese.”


  • The audio is recorded in easy-to-understand English and Japanese by professional narrators.


  • English and Japanese sentences are recorded alternately, sentence by sentence.


  • You can listen to the English and Japanese alternatively, to the Japanese only, or to the English only.


  • You can listen to the audio while reading the text using a iPad, Phone, or Android device.




Articles have been used in university entrance exams and school textbooks.

1.  Our articles are used each year in some Japanese university English exams. Some articles are included in school textbooks. In addition our Japanese texts are used by overseas universities.

2.  Our sample sentences have been used in a well-known online dictionary.

3.  Data from our articles has been used by international companies and by linguistic departments in universities to improve translations.

4.  Our articles have been featured in commercial magazines, including a magazine for the hotel trade and a magazine published in other language.

5.  Our articles have been used by schools and companies as educational texts for improving both Japanese and English skills.

6.  All translated sentences have been converted into Braille.

Hiragana Times is not only read in embassies in Japan, but is read by foreign entrepreneurs and businessmen – many of whom are involved in IT. In addition, many interpreters and tour guides use the magazine as a way to introduce Japan to foreigners. Hiragana Times is reportedly one of the most widely-read magazines in Japanese libraries. * Hiragana Times has twice been awarded the Grand Prize at the NTT All Japan Town Magazine Festival.

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