February Issue ひらがなタイムズ2月号

January 19, 2018


February Issue ひらがなタイムズ2月号

Janauary 20, 2018

Scheduled to be published on January 20



Supper-effective Japanese Lessons



Hiragana Times has developed a method of mastering Japanese that will

enable you to speak the language in a surprisingly short period of time. It

completely different from conventional methods.




This Month’s Theme / 今回のテーマ

Unique Method for Memorizing Vocabulary



Once you’ve learned a word, you will never forget it with our “memory magic”

study method.


1. Vocabulary for Destination Names


2. Vocabulary for Shopping Items


3. Vocabulary used when Eating Out.Used.

Special Section / 特別コーナー

Japanese in Japan / 日本で日本語



Selim is an Egyptian, who has been working as a taxi driver.


Traveling Japan /トラベリングジャパン

Introducing Manga and Anime to the World





Multi-Level Text With Audio / マルチレベル テキスト 音声付



News Review / ニュースからまなぶ

The Name “Chibanian” is Set to Be Designated as a Geological Age

チバニアン が ちしつ じだい の めいしょう に

New Expression & Buzzwords /新語・流行語

Nameless Housework / 名前のない家事

Ramen Without Extra Ingredients / 具なしラーメン


JAPANese Notes / 日本語ノート

Symbols Have Meanings


Exploring JAPANese (Four Frame Comic) ― 日本語探索 (4コマまんが)

My Wife’s Affair / 妻の浮気


Close up Japan / クローズアップ・ジャパン

Shinkansen Run by Balancing Safety Concern





s with Punctuality



The Other Side of Japanese / 日本語の裏側

Is Your Loved One Your “Koibito” or “Aijinn”?

あなたの愛する人は「恋人」? それとも「愛人」?


Sentence Endings / 文末の表現

Interrogative Sentences that Don’t Use it “ka”




Archive Selection / 特選アーカイブ

Parody Talk / パロディトーク

The Generation that Has Experienced the Biggest Changes in Human Society



Japanese History Makers / 日本史の人物

Unknown Episode that Moved People Around the World


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