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Insight into JAPANese
Insight into JAPANese
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About Hiragana Times 

 On the view point of foreign residents, every month we introduce the current topics, in easy to understand manner, from Japanese culture to trend and business. So you will learn what is happening now in Japan through interesting articles, including what kind of food Japanese enjoy, how they live and are concerned, and such. Once you read it, you will not be able to stop reading. Published in 1986 and read by the people of over hundred countries.

[ Insight into JAPANese ] Editing Features

Japanese sentence is followed right after English sentence

You can read English texts with Japanese texts, comparing their sentence constructions. Appropriate English words and phrases are positioned on each Japanese word or phrase under the apanese texts, in addition to furigana below each kanji. So, you can instantly grasp the meaning.


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